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PE in Hardwick School

Our vision for PE

Achieving excellence and enjoyment through high quality, inclusive practice where all pupils are motivated and inspired to achieve lifelong participation through a healthy and active lifestyle.

PE Kit at Hardwick

It is important that your child has the correct and appropriate kit for PE. Below are 2 images. On the left is what they should be wearing for inside PE – Hardwick PE polo t-shirt and black shorts. On the right is what is recommended for outside PE in colder conditions – tracksuit bottoms and a top with sensible trainers.



In PE we work alongside the North Oxfordshire School Sport Partnership. They provide festivals and competitions for all age groups. On their website is a list of the upcoming festivals for our school.   

Primary Physical Education and Sports Premium 

The following document outlines the way Hardwick School have spent thier sport premium and the impact it is having.

Sports Premium Impact Document 2015 - 2016

Sports Premium 2016 - 2017

2016 - 2017

After School Clubs Assembly 

This term the following children were nominated for an award:

Brian      Year 4

Sean       Year 6

Tafari      Year 3

Lily-Mae  Year 3

Jaida      Year 6

Aayan     Year 1

Cross Country

“On Saturday 24th September there was a cross country event at Banbury School.  Pupils from Years 1 to 6 took part in this event.  Three adults came with us and their names were:  Miss Jobson, Mrs Tanner and Miss Brain.  It started at 10.45 and finished at 2.00pm.  We all tried our hardest and did our best; it was great fun!”

Julia Nowak and Melody Cooper – Year 6

BMX Workshop

Last Friday a special guest called Mike Muller came to our school.  He is a World Champion!  In the morning we had an Assembly and he told us all about his life and his older years.  Mike told us about fleaming (which is his word for failing and learning).  All of us found it useful at school and in school.  After break Mike did a demonstration on his bike and then Years 5 and 6 did a workshop.  It was fantastic!

Julia Nowak – Year 6 






On Thursday 30th June Years 3 and 4 went to the rounders festival at BGN School.  When we got there a Young Leader took us to a massive field – we couldn’t believe how big it was!  Amazingly, Hardwick Blue team were first on pitch 1.  Hardwick Purple and Hardwick D were joint winners on pitch 4.  For the Teamwork certificates the winners were Oliver, Carmella, Simon, Jay, Weronika and Leasha.  Thank you to all the staff; Mrs English and Mr Smith our governors; and Miss Brain the parent who all helped us.

Siayon Mistry, Kacie English and Olivia Szwed – Year 3 and 4.


Last Thursday, Year 5 went to the Athletics competition at BGN School. We had lots of fun!  There were three groups – Hardwick A, B and C.  Hardwick C team came 9th, Hardwick B came 8th and Hardwick A came 3rd.  We would like to thank Miss Brain who came with us to help.

Julia Nowak – Year 5 

Football Thursday

On Thursday we celebrated Euro 2016 and had a football day.  First we had an Assembly with Miss Wood and then we did activities in our classrooms, for example making flags.  We all took part in football activities outside.  After break Years 1, 2 and 3 had a mini tournament whilst Years 4, 5 and 6 had a football tournament on the field. Germany won the tournament and Northern Ireland came second. After lunch we all had a big treat in that we were allowed to watch the England play Wales on the TV.  We would like to say thank you to all the teachers, especially Miss Wood for organizing it.

Paige Roberts and Kyra Hickman – Year 4.

Cricket Tournament

On Thursday 19th May 2016 the children in Year 6 took part in a cricket tournament at Banbury Cricket Club.  Seven schools participated:  St John’s, St John’s Priory, Orchard Fields, Cropredy, Bishop Loveday and Hillview.  Igor, Paige and Suhayl all achieved an award.  It was an amazing day and everyone took part.

Leila Cartwright, Sebastian Wodnicki, Aliyah Basharat and Paige Winwright – Year 6 

Multi Skills Festival

On Wednesday 27th April we went to BGN School and we took part in a Multi Skills Festival.  There were lots of young leaders that looked after us.  We did lots of different races and we worked in three teams A, B and C.  We enjoyed it very much.

Sophie Monk and Ammaar Hussain - Year 2. 

Sport Relief

Well done to everyone who completed the mile today.  We have raised £225. Thank you all for your support for this worthy cause.

Here are some of the children in action during the mile. 


The sports council also ran some activities at lunch. Here are some children enjoying them!


After School Clubs Assembly 

This term the following children were nominated for an award:

Alisha Manly          Year 6

Maria Houghton     Year 6

Nikola Pietrzak      Year 6

Suhayl Khaliq         Year 6        

Igor Zbiciak          Year 5

Ali Anwar              Year 5

Ben Fountain          Year 4

Weronika Trypuz      Year 4

Aidan Wyatt            Year 2

Year 5 Rugby Festival

On Thursday Year 5 attended a Tag Rugby Festival where schools from across Banbury competed against each other.  Everyone participated with great enthusiasm and we had an excellent day.  All children were able to play in a number of games and we have definitely improved our Rugby skills.  We are hoping that we can go again next year.

Mrs Robertson – Deputy Headteacher

Young Leaders

On Friday 23rd October, twelve children from Years 5 and 6 were selected to go to a Young Leaders Festival at BGN School. When we arrived at the sports hall we were lucky enough to meet and speak to an Olympic water polo player called Craig Figes! We were then split into three groups, which were called Playground Leaders, Change for Life Leaders, and PE Helpers.  Throughout the day each group participated in three different activities. We all really enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to using the skills we learnt to help others at Hardwick. 

We would like to thank Miss Wood and Mr Hagger for taking us.

Callum Beattie – Year 5


School Rugby Tournament


In the morning we wore our PE kit to school so we didn’t wear our uniform for the whole day!  We were sorted into teams and the winning team would be awarded the trophy.  After break we watched hakas and then in groups we made our own hakas.  We then watched one another.  Unfortunately when we were supposed to do the Rugby tournament it rained.  So on Friday 16th October (the next day) Key Stage 1 and Year 3 did some relay races and Key Stage 2 played in the rugby tournament.  In the tournament England got into the finals but they did not win.  Instead Australia won because they had the best team.  The winner in Key Stage 1 was Fiji.


Ryan Taylor – Year 3.  




 Hockey Festival

“On Wednesday Team A competed in the hockey finals in Bicester.  There were six schools that took part and we were one of them.  Although we came joint fifth, we were one of the top six schools out of forty five.  Even though we scored one goal we got seven points altogether, but we had lots of strong teams to face.  We worked as a team to keep the ball on their side of the pitch.  There was great defending from Hardwick and fantastic attacking.”

Thomas Smilie and Charis Smith – Year 6


Hockey Festival

“Yesterday Year 6 went to a fantastic hockey tournament at Banbury Academy.  Our class was split into two teams – Group A and Group B. There were multiple schools battling against us to reach the finals.  However, Group B came third.  Group A came joint third and managed to enter the finals! The finals will take place next Wednesday.”

Ryan Marsden and Charis Smith – Year 6



“On Thursday 19th March nine lucky people went to a netball tournament.  We came fifth out of eight teams, but we still won our section.  We had a great time.  Although we didn’t win we enjoyed taking part”

Kacper Piechowski and Leila Cartwright – Year 5

“Yesterday the Year 5 and 6 netballers went to NOA for a netball tournament.  We won our division and played some close matches.  Although we didn’t win overall, we had great fun and worked as a team.  Throughout the day we improved our skills.  We would really like to thank the staff for taking us.”

Martyna Borowik and Callum Moriarty – Year 6


Inclusion Festival

“Mr Morten took us to this Sports Festival.  We were playing against different schools.  We did some jumping.  We did some balancing and an obstacle course. We did lots of different sports including relay and marathon.  We went on the mini bus and we played ispy.  The first time around was just a practice but the second round was for points.  We were good at everything.  We got a certificate and a good sportsmanship certificate.  Mr Morten picked someone because they were good.”

William Perry – Year 3.


Netball Tournament

“On Thursday 5th March five lucky children in Year 5 and 3 children in Year 6 participated in a netball tournament at Banbury Academy.  There were 9 schools taking part, with 17 teams competing. We were supervised by Mrs Beattie, Miss Rocher, and Ms Jones.  All of us were able to play two matches.  It was very exciting because we all played a different part.  Each game was 7 minutes long. Luckily we had eaten lunch before we left so it gave us lots of energy.  It obviously helped us because we are through to the finals!  Well done Hardwick!”

Paige Winwright and Aliyah Basharat

Year 5 


Clubs Assembly

This week we had our termly clubs assembly where an award is presented to a child from each club for a specific reason, including attendance, effort and new skills. Here are this terms winners!   


Cross Country

“On Tuesday 18th November, four children from our school completed in the annual cross country final in Bicester.  Approximately thirty minutes after we arrived the first race began, which Eve Sibbald from Year 2 participated in.  As a result of her hard work she victoriously came 34th.  After all the races had ended our results were Callum Beattie (Year 4) came 14th, Maya (Year 3) came 22nd and I came 14th. We all put a lot of effort into our races and I would like to say well done to everyone.  Thank you to Mrs Mackenzie for supporting us and to Mr Hagger for driving us there.”

Luci Fong – Year 6 

Tag Rugby

“Year 5 went to Banbury Rugby Club.  Lots of schools took part in the Tag Rugby Festival.  After every match we shook hands and showed respect to other people.  Some people did score tries.  Nobody sulked when we didn’t win!  It was a fabulous day!”

Aaron Conybear – Year 5 

Cross Country

“On Saturday 27th September, around 30 children from our school took part in the annual cross country event.  We all tried our very best, resulting in three children and one group achieving a place in the finals.  The final competitors are Eve (Year 2) who came 9th; Maya (Year 3) who came 4th and Luci (Year 6) who came 8th.  The Key Stage 1 girls’ team came 3rd.  Thank you to all of the parents and teachers (Miss Jobson and Miss Wood) who supported us.”

Luci Fong and Izzy Braggins 



Sports Day

Congratulations to the yellow team for winning sports day agin this year! It was great to see so many parents watchign the event and then enjoying the picnic afterwards. Thank you to all the staff who helped organise it. 

Football Friday

We had a fantastic football event on Friday 11th July to celebrate the World Cup. All the children enjoyed the skills in the morning and then developed their understanding around fair play in the classroom. In the afternoon KS1 enjoyed a skills comepetition and KS2 had a football tournament. Congratulations to Brazil who won the day and all the children who were celebrated for being fair players. A big thank you to Mr Beattie and Mr Moreton who helped runt he day. 

Quad Athletics

“On Thursday 12th June Year 6 went to an athletics tournament at North Oxfordshire Academy.  Many different schools attended and there were over 200 children.  Most of the Year 6 children were excited but some were incredibly nervous.  The whole tournament lasted all morning and everyone was tired after the event. Szymon Piatkowski said that he loved the vortex throw the most and he came 1st in this event! Everyone was really sportsman like and nobody moaned about where they came.  “We all really enjoyed the event and we hope we get invited to more events!” quoted Faaizah Hussain.  A big thank you to Miss Wood for organising for us to go, and to Mrs Honer and Mrs Gilbert for taking us there.  We all loved it!”

Rebekka Whitelock and Elena Beattie 


“On Thursday Year 4 went to BGN school for a rounders tournament.  We went in the brand new minibus!  Most of the primary schools were there and we were split into two or three teams.  Each team played each other for the cup.  We also played some friendly games.  Hardwick came second and every one had a brilliant day!”

Nikola and Jake 

Golf Tournament

“On Monday 23rd June, 10 people from Year 5 went to a golf tournament at Drayton Golf Centre.  The following people went – Dylan, Ryan, Ibraheem, Josh, Tyler Hambridge, Crystal, Luci, Natalie, Freya and Izzy.  When we got there we had our food and waited for a few other schools to arrive.  The teachers were told what we needed to do for each station.  There was a new sport called foot golf.  Unfortunately we didn’t have time to have a go.  At the end we went inside to hear who had won 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Hardwick came first!”

Tyler Hambidge

Multi Skills Festival

“On Thursday afternoon some of the Year 4 children went to a Multi Skills festival at Orchard Fields School.  There were eight stations and each one was more exciting than the last.  One of the activities was called Wall Bounce.  You have to throw a ball and let it bounce and then catch it.  Each time you catch the ball you get a point.  We had lots of fun and did lots of exciting activities throughout the afternoon.”

Jake Reynolds – Year 4

Sainsburys School Games Sport Mark

Hardwick School has gained the Sainsburys School Games Sport Mark Bronze level - this looked at the competition elements within our PE curriculum

Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark 

Hardwick School has gained the Silver Youth Sport Trust Quality Mark!


Clubs Assembly

Congratuations to the 6 children who recieved a trophy from their club today. They were awarded for attendance, attitude and fantatsic ideas. 

Hockey Festival

On Thursday 20th March Year 3 went to a Hockey Festival.  There were 3 teams.  The referees were all our team leaders from Banbury Academy who also did our warm up.  Hardwick Team 1 came 4th out of 5.  Hardwick Team 2 came 5th out of 5.  Hardwick Team 3 came 3rd out of 5.  We all learnt how to stop the ball properly and we had lots of fun!

Callum Beattie – Year 3. 

Netball Festival

“On Thursday 13th March we (Year 6) went to Netball at Banbury School.  We had a great time there and Hardwick C Team came first! Everyone else tried their best and that is enough.  We all shook hands at the end to show good sportsmanship.  We all want to go again!”

Ella Francis – Year 6

Dance Festival

On Wednesday 26th February Year 1 went to BGN school to take part in a Dance Festival. There were lots of other year 1 children from different schools at the festival. We learnt a dance all about Gerald the Giraffe from the story Giraffes can't dance. We performed the dance beautifully to the other schools. All of the adults were very impressed with year 1. They behaved superbly and made us all feel very proud.

Cross Country Final

On Thursday 21st November, eight children from our school took part in the annual cross country final.  We competed against manyschools. Sadly, no one won a medal, but we all tried hard in this breath taking competition. 

We all thank Mrs Beattie and Miss Wood for motivating us all the way, and a special thank you to Mr Hagger and Mrs Beattie for taking us there.

Luci Fong – Year 5 

Multi-skills Festival

On Wednesday 20th November Year 3 went to BGN school to take part in a sports multi skills festival with lots of other schools. 

Before we went on the mini bus we had our lunch. When we got there we went into reception. In the hall we were separated into teams A, B and C.  I was in group A.  I really liked my team.  First we played hockey.  Then we played tennis.  I was really good at it! Next we played my favourite game.  It was the obstacle race.  Finally we had a relay race and my team won.  Last of all the manager announced who had won.  One of them was my team!  I was feeling really thrilled.  After we got our certificates and we went back to school.  I wish I could go there again.  Everyone was really tired out by the end of the day.”

Scarlett Moon – Year 3

Thank you to Miss Wood for organising the event, Mrs Robertson and Mrs Stankowska for accompanying the children and Mr Hagger for driving the bus.  

Tag Rugby Competition

On Thursday 24th October Year 5 attended a Tag Rugby Festival held at Bodicote Rugby club. They were split into 3 teams and each team played 7 other teams. They all really enjoyed it and it helped them develop their tag rugby skills and team work. The team playing in the cup competition came 7th, the team in the plate competition came 4th and the team in the bowl competition came 3rd.

Thank you to Miss Rimmer, Mrs Wimbush and Mr Hagger for taking them to the event.

Cross Country Competition

On Saturday the 5th of October 31 pupils represented Hardwick Primary School at a Cross Country Competition.  It was an early start as we had to meet Miss Wood at Banbury Academy for 9 o’clock. Everyone tried their very best and excitingly ten children will go on to represent the school at the finals. Six of these children secured their place by finishing within the top ten of their race. These include Elena and Luci in the year 5/6 girl’s race, James and Szymon in the year 5/6 boy’s race, and Maya and Eve in the year 1/2 girl’s race. Amazingly Maya finished 2nd so also received a silver medal.

Thank you to Miss Wood, Miss Jobson and Mrs Beattie for kindly giving up their Saturday morning and thank you to all the parents that came to support us.

By Elena Beattie