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Shortenills 2019


Monday 25th February

At 9am on Monday,all the people, who were going to Shortenills gathered at the reception to get on the bus. Everyone had said their byes to mum and Dad and we set off on the great adventure to Shortenills. It was a long long drive( precicely 1h and 10minutes). As we arrived Stewart, Alison and Karen,people who worked at Shortenills greeted us to our dormitories.They told us all the rules that we nedded to know. In the morning, just before lunch, we had a grand tour of the sight. After lunch, we were introduced to oorienteering and went round the whole sight on our own. Alex, Hayden and Oliver were the winners and finished all of the questions. Overall, it was a great day.

By Joshua and Saiyon

Tuesday 26th February

Today,all of us woke up at about 7 O'clock to get ready and in the girls dormitory we had a competition to see who could have the tidiest bed area.We had to keep it tidy all day so that in the end the winners would get superstars.We had crossiants,toast and cereal for breakfast before later going out to start the activities.Group 1 started by practicing survival skills such as fire making,water purification and collecting food that is suitable eat.In the meantime,Group 2 were den building.We then went inside for lunch and after we swapped over.Once we had had dinner,we wrote letters to our parents,played games as well as having a hot choclate and biscuit.Before bed we had a bath,there was a little time to read a book then it was lights out.


By Sofia






Thursday 22nd June

As we left our dormitories, we entered the dining room; then a special guest arrived (Mrs Hawkins). After we had ate our lovely breakfast, we got ready by putting on our wellies and water-proof jackets because we were going to Ruffwood Farm to spend some exciting time learning more about animals, such as: sheep, cows, chickens and lots more! Next, we adventured through the glorious meadow back to Shortenills to the best room ever – the dining room! Today, we could choose from a chicken burger or a veggie burger. Even though we were very tired after the farm visit, we still had the energy to explore different ways of measuring the trees in the woods; we discovered different ways to find out how old a tree is, the height and the width of it. It was lots of fun! We also created tree spirits using our imaginations. In the evening, we did a nocturnal walk through the woods and we saw a deer, a rabbit, a mouse and lots of insects.

Scarlett and Marta 









Wednesday 21st June

 Today, we woke up at about 6:30 in the morning and had breakfast. For breakfast, we had bacon or egg in a bun but we also had toast and cereal. After, we put on our sun cream and went on a hike and went past a pond with Miss Wood, Mr Morton and Julia who works at Shortenills. We used a compass.  When we came back, we had lunch, which was sausage with chips or a jacket potato. Eventually, we went pond dipping and we saw some scary, tiny and strange creatures and looked at them with a microscope. In the pond, we found a bloodworm, a leach and a lot of snails.








Tuesday 20th June

 At 7:00am, we woke up and met in the dining room for breakfast at 8.30am. There was a choice of toast, cereal, yogurt, fruit and sausages in a roll. After our yummy and filling breakfast, we met a very kind lady called Julia and she taught us about bushcraft survival, which was very interesting! When Julia finished introducing herself, we went to the North Meadow and we had magic spot time, which is basically when you think about a certain thing and have some relaxing alone time. It’s a bit like meditation! As soon as we finished having our magic spot time, we learnt how to clean out dirty water so it was clean and purified. We all got excited when we heard that we were going to build our own den in groups! All our dens were different sizes and shapes but they were all very good...even the teachers made their own den! After all that fun building, we were starving and our bellies were rumbling. For lunch, we had a choice of Spaghetti Bolognese, cheesy pasta bake or a delicious jacket potato. In the afternoon, we hunted for different types of nature that we had to forage for. We made a holly leaf pictogram and learned that holly leaves have different numbers of points. Next, whilst some children played on the adventure playground, small groups tried to start a fire using a piece of cotton wool and a fire striker! We all had an amazing day!  

Molly, Beckie and Sophie M         






Monday 19th June

We arrived at Shortenills at 11:30 because there was a lot of traffic. We were met by two people called Julie and Alison who introduced us to the way Shortenills works. At 1pm, we had lunch and it was yummy. We had pizza and wedges and jacket potatoes. This afternoon, we explored the grounds and did some orientating. After dinner, we had a campfire, told riddles and sang songs. Here are some photos we would like to show you.

Maya and Lily





Here are a selection of images from the trip.








Evening activities 

Monday we did some fire lighting and "Shortenills has got talent" where Scott was pretending to be Simon in the yurt. 

Tuesday we did arts and crafts, played different board games, some people played football and  some students did some sewing.

Wednesday we had a delightful campfire where we sang songs and played fun games in the meadow.

Thursday we played some games or did arts and crafts.

Day 4

Today we were up and ready and eating our breakfast at 8:30. After we got our day bags ready and set off to Roughwood farm. We saw lots of different animals and some lucky children got to feed the baby lambs. Some of the animals we saw was a nice and delicate bull that we named Kenny, a herd of cows, sheep and chickens and some helpful children got to go and get the fresh warm eggs that hadn't long been laid. Before we left we did some games like who had the best joke . It was Miss Wood who won so she kept the farmers stick, and there was a competition between the girls, boys and teachers... Girls won! After our delicious lunch we set traps to catch mammals and we are going to see if we have caught  anything on Friday 5th June 2015. Then we went to the woods to think about ecological footprints and soon put compost in bottles to see if it rots. Later that evening we did some evening activities where you could choose what you wanted to do.

Day 3

Today we were up and ready by 8:30. All of the pupils had breakfast. Then we played on the adventure playground. Then we found out our brilliant headteacher was visiting, for the day. After that we headed to the classroom to find out what we were doing. It turned out it was pond dipping. After heading to the pond we used a net to catch many creatures that live deep and above the cleanish water. Soon after catching insects we headed back to the classroom to see what we had caught. Altogether we collected  newts, tadpoles, nymphs, snails, dragon fly larvas and other astounding creatures, species and more (28 different species).  Then we went to the meadow and forest to look for insects. When the whistle blew it was telling us we were going to have some magic spot time. We played a quick game of hide and seek tag and after that we went to our dormitory to relax then had our tea/supper.

Day 2

This morning we woke up at about 7:30 and started telling funny stories. For our breakfast we had the choice of cereal or toast and I had toast. Julia taught us how to use a compass for our walk. When we went for a walk we went through the woods and found an old quarry. For lunch we had lasagne or jacket potato which we all enjoyed and ate peacefully. After lunch we all played in the adventure play ground. Shortly after we had some team building exercises and some trust activities. We hugged and smelt some trees.The trees didn't smell really of anything but some of the trees were rough. After we did that, we went to play 4 different team activities. We had to talk and listen to each other to work as a team. Over on the meadow we played a big game of tag.

Day 1

As soon as we were ready to leave we realised that there was a slow puncture so we had to wait for another bus. We had a good journey down here and there was no traffic. We then took our bags off and went straight into the classrooms where we were put in groups. A little while later we had a talk about the different locations and we started to learn of how to read a map. Soon after we went on a walk around the grounds where we all had a go at leading people to the correct destination. Then we had our lunch, we had pizza, beans and potato wedges followed by apple crumble and custard. After lunch we went to the playground and we had lots of fun. After a while we went off in groups of three to do some orientering and with that we had to use our knowledge to know how to find the cards with a map that had numbers and letters. Then we made our beds and unpacked our suitcases when there was a fire drill. After that we had sandwiches of our choice, fruit, vegetables and a cookie. Now we are having a talent show and some more fun activities. All of us are so excited for tomorrow.